Sewing Lab Training


Sunday, November 22, 2009

3:00pm - 5:00pm


Sewing Lab Training is back!

Want to use our fabulous sewing lab? We want you to too! But first we'd like to give you a little training in how not to break the machines.

This class will put you through the paces on both the industrial straight stitch and the industrial serger and then move on the the home version of these two.

After you've completed the training, you'll have a few options with what to do next:

1. Purchase a year-long membership to the ArtsLab (you can come in whenever we're open to use our machines) for $35.

2. Purchase an hourly membership to the ArtsLab (make an appointment ahead of time to use the machines; $5 and hour or $7 for two hours) for $10.

3. Simply pay $10 for the training and use your new sewing knowledge elsewhere!

Important: This is not a sewing class. This is an orientation to the rps sewing lab. Because space is limited please make sure you are signing up for the right class. Thanks!

This class is limited to 4 people for maximum teacher attention. It happens twice a month so if you don't make it into this months, check to see if it's scheduled for later in the month. Check out this page for more info on the sewing lab.



Kimmy is the daughter of tailors, and has been sewing for her entire life.

This class is limited to 4 students.

This class is full.

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